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In the present environment, multiple revenue streams are essential to even out cash flow. 

Having a job and a business on the side can allow for a plan B. Two businesses can also help diversify your income sources, as long as you have good systems in place and/or good management to help you be successful.

What We Do

At Ashflex, we can help you achieve that goal by presenting our many business ideas and updated business plans for the industry of your choice. Our job is to help you set up, manage, and grow a business while you still have your job. 

Starting a business involves planning, making a key financial decision, and completing a series of legal activities. We can help walk you through these 10 easy steps to plan, prepare and manage your business

10 Steps to Starting a Business

Step 1:    Start with an idea, discuss with friends and family about your new idea, or better still talk to a consultant.

Step 2:    Write a business plan

Step 3:    Get business assistance and training

Step 4:    Choose a business location

Step 5:    Determine the legal structure of your business

Step 6:    Register your business name

Step 7:    Register with your local and state tax authorities

Step 8:    Obtain the necessary business licenses and permits

Step 9:    Finance your business

Step 10: Advertise your business and let people know about it.

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